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CM-565 & CM-1065
  • Completely Closed Column for
    Increased Rigidity
  • Double Layer Protection on Y-
  • Minimal Floor Space Design
CM-321D, -565D, -765D & -1065D
  • Dual Table Machining Centers
  • Unidirectional Table Movement
    with No Variation in Precision
  • Fast Tool and Table Changes
The machines we sell have several advantages over other pallet changing
machines, here are a few key advantages:

1. More accurate because the table / pallet does not unclamp or move, the
spindle moves to the pallet instead of the pallet moving in and out of the
2. The machine is more suitable for 4th axis tables, 5th axis tables, hydraulic
fixtures and pneumatic fixtures because the pallet only moves on along the
Y axis and does not shuttle in and out of the machine.
3. The guard between the two pallets can be removed so that you can run
extra long parts by running both pallets simultaneously which turns the
machine from a dual 20" X travel machine into a single 63" X axis machine.
4. The machine can be purchased with a single 24 tool center located tool
changer or with a tool changer on each side of the machine for a total of 48

The machine with a 12,000 RPM spindle and a single tool changer is
The machine with a 12,000 RPM spindle and dual tool changers is $146,067.
Optional 10" 4th axis rotary table with electrical connections is $17,500. each
This machine model have been selling well in Europe and in South Africa
since 2008 but has not been offered in the US until now.
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